How do Related objects work in Properties App?

Updated on February 20, 2020 09:40PM by Admin

Related objects in the Properties App will allow you to manage the property details in the Opportunities App. This will help to manage the view of the property and update the Property status when it gets sold out. In Addition, this will allow you to Filter Properties and also it manages the sub-properties status.


  • Login and access the Properties App from the Financials.
  • Click on the More icon (...) and select the Settings.

  • Click on the Related Objects dropdown and select Opportunities.
Related Objects

  • Enable the Toggle for 'Enable properties information in opportunities'.

  • By Enabling this, you can view the property details on the opportunities Overview page.
Overview Page

  • With the List Layout option, you can change the layout of the Property Information on the Opportunities Overview page. You can change the layout as Overview, Property Details, and Transaction Details.
Property Information

Now In Opportunities, you can see the Property Information layout as per your need. Here the Overview option is selected, so an overview of the properties list will be shown.


  • In Properties Closed Actions, you can set the Action to the Properties. In case, you want to set an action to the property when the property status changes to the Need Analysis. Here, you can change the view by selecting either Strikethrough the property in other opportunities or you can remove the property from other opportunities.
Properties Action

  • In the Opportunities overview page, you can view the strikethrough property.
Strike through Property

  • In Properties Update attributes, you can automate the Properties attribute when a property reaches a particular stage in the Opportunities App.
Properties Update

For instance: When the property gets Closed Won in Opportunites, then the Status of the Particular Property automatically changes to Sold.


  • Filter Properties allow you to filter the Properties when you associate a Property with an Opportunity.
Filter Properties

  • Add matching property to the list - This will help you to filter the matching property alone in the Opportunities App.
  • Add associated parent property to the list- This will help you to filter the matching property along with its Parent property in the Opportunities App.
  • Add all the associated parent and child properties to the list - This will help you to filter all associated parent and child properties in the Opportunities app.

For instance: If you are looking for Furnished Homes, you can search only the furnished homes by setting the criteria in the opportunities App. Here, set the Properties Filter Criteria as Furnished where Property Details = enable. Then, you can view only the properties which have the Property details as Furnished.


  • By enabling the Manage Sub Properties status, you can manage the status of all sub-properties that are associated with the parent property. For instance, if the status of the Parent property gets changed to sold, that will automatically change the status of all child properties associated with the parent property to Closed.
Sub Properties