How to create Relationships in Properties app?

Updated on March 15, 2021 07:39AM by Admin

Properties App helps you to create a detailed record of the properties that you buy and sell in your business. The Relationships feature helps you to define the relationship category thereby letting you sort out the business hierarchies, partnerships, and all the property connections. If you wish to add the relationship details to your properties, you can do it with the Relationships features.

  • Login and access Properties App from the universal navigation menu bar.

  • Open the property record for which you wish to add Relationship details.
  • Select More details from the app header,

  • Then click on Settings →Customize App → Associate Objects.
  • Now enable the Relationships feature

  • Once you enable the Relationships status in the Associated objects, you can Add the relationship to your property record.
  • Now Fill in the details. Here the To Object is mentioned as Properties and Search Customers is mentioned as Commercial and the Relationship Status is updated as Member. After filling in the details click on Add.

  • Now Create a record or open an existing record and scroll down to the Relationships tab and click on Add
  • Now the relationship details will be updated.