How do we create Zones in the Shipping App?

Updated on February 20, 2020 04:50AM by Admin

Zones in Shipping App denote those areas that have the same shipping rates. The shipping App involves multiple orders. It becomes tedious to keep track of the Shipping rates of each and every item. Segregating the Shipments into Zones simplifies the work.

  • Go to Settings → Shipping → Warehouses in the Shipping App. Select Create to create a new warehouse.

  • In the Create Warehouse popup, add the address information of the warehouse and select Create.
Create Warehouse

  • You will be redirected to the Overview page of the Warehouse. To create Zones, select Create.

  • In the Create Zone page, add the code and Name of the Zone. You can also decide whether Quantity is to be tracked and if Locator is required.
Create Zones

  • You can also create different Zone types by selecting Add New to create new Zone types.
Zone Types

  • Once the Zone type is created, it gets added to the Create Zone section. Select Create to create a new Zone.
Zone Created

  • In the Zone Overview page, you can create locators for the zone.
Zone Overview

  • You can add a name for the locator in the Create locator popup.
Create locator

  • The locator is added for the respective Zone.
Added Locator

  • You can create more than one locator for a zone. You can apply this configuration while creating a new shipment record.