What is the use of Timesheet Periods in Timesheets App?

Updated on February 20, 2020 02:33AM by Admin

Timesheets App in Apptivo allows you to set the period for a Timesheet. Organizations tend to have a definite Time period for work. Apptivo offers you to customize the period for Timesheets. By enabling this, you can clock in your man-hours effortlessly.

  • Go to Settings → Timesheets → Timesheet Periods.
standard Periods

You can set two types of Timesheet Periods.

  • Standard Periods
  • Pre-defined Periods

Standard Periods

In Standard Periods, Apptivo has offered custom Time ranges which can be selected as the Timesheet Period.

You can set the Timesheet Period to be as follows:

  • 1 Week
  • 2 Week
  • Monthly
  • Enter Period when creating a Timesheet
Timesheets Period

Apart from this, you can also set the Starting Day of the Week.

Start Day

Instance 1: The Timesheet Period is 2 weeks and the starting day of the week is Tuesday.

Instance 1

While creating a new Timesheet, you can see the Timesheet period is available for two weeks with the starting day as Tuesday.

Weeks Period

Instance 2: The Timesheet Period is to enter period when creating a Timesheet and the starting day of the week is Sunday.

Instance 2

While creating a new Timesheet, you can set the Start Date and End Date of Timesheet according to your requirement with the starting day as Sunday.

Desired Time Period

Pre-Defined Periods

In Pre-defined periods, you can custom create the time period of a Timesheet. Select Create to create a new Timesheet period.

Predefined Timesheet

In Create Pre-defined period page, add a name, start date, and end date of the Timesheet period to create a custom Timesheet period.

Create Pre-defined period

For Instance: Consider creating a new timesheet where the Timesheet period is already set as Pre-defined.

In the Create Timesheet page, you have an option to select the Timesheets.