How do Associated objects work in Items App?

Updated on February 21, 2020 05:14AM by Admin

In the Items App, Associated objects help you to manage the supplier list for a particular product. At the same time, you can enable and customize the view of the supplier information on the Item’s Overview page.

For instance: Consider a product "Book". if we are buying it from multiple suppliers like a, b,c.In those instances, associated objects help you to manage the supplier list in the Items Overview Page.

Steps to follow

  • Log in and access the Contacts App from the Navigation menu.
  • Click on the More icon (...) and select the Settings.


  • In the Settings Left Panel, Select the Items to drop down and click on the Associated Objects.


  • Here, You can Enable the supplier on items and Customize the view of the supplier.
  • Show Supplier as Tab - By selecting this, you can view the supplier as a separate tab in the item overview page.

 Supplier Tab

  • Show Supplier in item Overview - By selecting this, You can view the supplier in the Overview form itself. Scroll down the overview form and find the Supplier section below.

Overview Tab