How to change the App name in Work Orders App?

Updated on February 18, 2020 01:16AM by Admin

Work Orders App in Apptivo lets you change the name of the app. Apps have different meanings for different customers. Work Orders might be referred by some other name in certain businesses. To accommodate this, Apptivo allows you to change the name of the Work Order app.

  • Go to Settings → Customize App → App Naming.

  • In the Naming panel, you can change the Name of the App. Click on it to edit the name field. Here, the name is changed to Service Orders.
App Name

  • Once the name is updated, wherever the App name is mentioned as Workorders, there the name will change to Service Orders.
Field Names

  • Also, you have to mention how the Service Order should be mentioned in Singular and Plural forms.
  • By doing so, the software will modify the sentences accordingly in the Service Orders App.

Singular Field Name

  • Since one record is involved here, the system made use of the singular name.
Singular Name

  • This singular value also appears when you create a new Work Order.
Create Page

Plural Field Name

  • Since more than one record is involved here, the system made use of the plural name.
Plural Name