What are the Consolidated Targets in Apptivo?

Updated on September 9, 2020 07:06AM by Admin

Campaigns are launched to different targets. Each target might have different Customers, Contacts, Leads, or Employees associated with it. In these cases, it is necessary to display each record associated with the targets and group them based on Customers, Contacts, Leads, or Employees. This helps to track the record and have the information up-to-date.

Consider two target lists that have to be added to a Campaign. In this case, select the Campaign for which the targets have to be added. Here, I have selected a campaign called January Alert.

  • Navigate to the target section to Add Target lists.

  • On selecting Add Target List, you will be navigated to select from the available targets.
Add Target List

  • Select the required targets and click Add. The target list will be added to the Campaign. Along with this, In the consolidated target list section, you can see all the records from different targets are consolidated.

Note: If more than one target with the same email ID is added to the campaign, that will be consolidated into the single target. The main objective of the consolidated target list is to ensure that the same campaign is not sent twice to the added targets.

Consolidated Target