How to customise a report using the Associated Object Report in Notes?

Updated on January 22, 2020 04:19AM by Admin

Apptivo has consistently aspired to make your navigation easier within different Apps using custom tools. Once the settings are configured, you can fetch any information at any time. Notes activity assists in sharing important information with the Customers/ Contacts or Employees. You can generate a report of Notes created in different CRM Apps with the assistance of Associated Object Reports from the Notes activity.

  • Go to SettingsReportsAssociated Object Report in the Notes activity.
Associated Object Report

  • Select Create to configure the settings to generate reports in the CRM Apps. In the Create Associated Object Report page, add a name and description for the report.
Create Page

  • Choose a CRM App from the Associated Object dropdown list. The reports will be generated for the selected Application. Here, I have chosen the Contacts App.
  • Once the app is chosen, set the attributes required from the Notes activity and Contacts App for the report.
Attributes Chosen

  • You can see a new report is created for the Associated Object Report.
Report Customized

  • Now, navigate to the Contacts AppReportsReport on Customers.
Report on Customers

  • Filter the details based on Employee, Created from and Created To. A report will be generated as per the criteria for selecting the View Report.
Report Generated

  • You can also export the document by selecting the Export button to export the records in .csv format.

Report Export