How to set a discount for an Invoice in Apptivo?

Updated on January 22, 2020 05:31AM by Admin

Providing discounts and rate cuts to customers is one of the traditional methods opted to increase the Customer - Business closeness since the beginning of time. You can set discounts for your Invoices in Apptivo and generate invoices with the discounted rate.

Navigate to SettingsInvoiceDiscount in the Invoices App.


Invoices App offers three types of features with respect to Discounts.

  • No Discount

This option removes the discount field from the Invoices. When an Invoice is generated, you will not have an option to provide discounts to the customers.

  • At Invoice Header

This feature adds the discount attribute at the Invoice Header. That is, the discount can be added to the Invoice Details section.

Invoice Header

  • At Invoice Line

This feature adds the discount attribute at the Invoice Line. For instance, if the Invoice is created for Service provided, then the discount option is available in the Service provided table.

Invoice Line

Types of Discounts

Invoices App allows you to provide discounts in two forms.

  • Percentage
  • Fixed

If the Percentage is chosen, then you can subtract a particular percentage of the amount from the Invoice.

If Fixed is selected, then you can deduct the prescribed amount from the Invoice.

For Instance: Let us consider creating a fixed discount for an Invoice.

In the Invoices App, select Create to create a new Invoice for Items. In the Invoice page, you can see the discount feature is added to the Invoice line. Here, the fixed amount is set as 50$.

Create a new discount

Once the item details are added, you can see the Invoice amount at the bottom of the page. The total amount is generated by deducting the discount.

Discount deducted