How to view the voided Payments in the Customer Payments App?

Updated on January 30, 2020 02:12AM by Admin

Customer Payments App keeps track of payments made by the Customers. When a payment is made by a customer for an Invoice, a record is created automatically in the Customer Payments App.

On deleting a customer payment in the Invoices app, the record is voided automatically in the Customer Payments App. Similarly, voiding a record in the Customer Payments App removes the payment record from the Invoices App. Customer Payments App has a dedicated section to view the voided records.

  • Navigate to the Show All page in the Customer Payments app.
Show All

  • Select a customer whose payment has to be voided. In the Overview page, click void.
Select a Customer

  • On clicking void, you will be prompted to confirm the status. Here, select void and click Proceed.
Confirm the Status

  • You will receive a notification that the payment is voided. Now, navigate to the home page of Customers Payments app.
  • Here, select By Status → void from the left pane. You will see the record whose Invoice was voided in this section.