How to prevent employees from editing a Work Order in Completed status?

Updated on October 16, 2020 04:16AM by Admin

Work Order status reveals the position of a work order in the processing cycle. This attribute lets you determine the future actions to be performed on the Work Order. Now, we have the option to edit information in the work orders by enabling the status toggle. This feature is implemented to support all the statuses in the Work Orders App.

Steps to prevent editing a completed Work Order

  • Log into your Work Orders App and select Settings from the App Header.
Work Orders App

  • On the Settings page, go to Work Orders → Statuses. The Statuses page will come into view.
  • Here, you can see the list of statuses available in your Work Orders App. The Allow Changes column determines whether a work order can be edited when it is in a particular status.
  • For instance, the Allow Changes toggle is enabled for Completed status.

  • Now, disable the toggle in Completed status.
Disabled Toggle

  • When you attempt to edit a work order in the completed status, you cannot edit it. This is because the toggle is disabled.