How do I create Data Sets in Apptivo?

Updated on September 6, 2019 02:21AM by Admin

You all would be aware of the Data Level Access in Apptivo, which restricts access to required individuals so that the records assigned to them alone can be accessed and worked upon. Data Sets in Apptivo gives you the ability to provide access privilege of object records to a specific group of people.

As of now, Data Sets is available in the following apps - Shipping, Contacts, Customers, Estimates, Invoices, Leads, Pricing, Items, and Opportunities. Let us now walk through an example of the data sets function in the Opportunities App.

Consider you are a sales manager and there are two teams operating under you. Say, Team A, which handles international clients and the other one says, Team B, which handles native clients. You would now want your teams to have access to their assigned opportunities alone. That is, you want your employees to view and have access to the opportunities assigned to them and other employee’s opportunity records within his/her team, for effective collaboration. This can be easily achieved by configuring the Data Sets in Apptivo. Configuring datasets is just a two-step process:

Steps to Create Data Sets

  1. Log in and access the Opportunities App.
  2. Go to Settings > Security > Data Sets > and click the Create button.
    click create data sets

  3. The Create Data Set page will be displayed, where enter:
    • Name - Name of the data set.
    • Description - Description of the data set.
    • Enabled - Slide the toggle ON to enable the data set.
  4. The Criteria is the space where you can define the condition. Here, we are setting as “Assigned To = Team A”. This specifies that all opportunities assigned to Team A will be grouped.
  5. Click Create once done.
    create data set

  6. Similarly, create a data set for Team B. Once created, you can find the list of data sets as shown in the below image:
    view data sets

Steps to Assign Data Sets to Employees

  1. Click Data Access Sets under Security.
  2. Data Access Set page will be displayed in the right pane.
  3. To assign data set to a particular employee, click the “Add” button.
    add data access sets

  4. A New Row will get added, and to select an employee, click “Search” icon in Employee Name column.
    click search

  5. Employee Search and Select popup will be opened, where select the required employee and click Select.
    select employee

  6. Click on the drop down under the Data Access column, which lists the created data sets.
    select data sets

  7. Select the data set and to save click Tick icon.
  8. Now, selected Data Set is Assigned to the Selected Employee.