How do I map and set pre-defined values while Creating Activities?

Updated on December 12, 2018 10:48PM by Admin

The Apptivo had made a nip here and a tuck there to lessen the work of creating activities. Have you ever thought that it was a redundant work to enter the Customer details once again while creating activities? If you were expecting a feature to overcome it, here is a factor to facilitate your need.

You can map the fields of all the Apptivo Apps to the fields in the activities that it gets auto-populated in the activity creation fields. This is an acceleration to the existing feature that includes the Collaboration activities like creating Events, Tasks, Call Logs and Notes.

The feature has a prerequisite that it can be only found accelerated for Ultimate and Enterprise Users.

Note: Please ensure that the fields are mapped with the same data types, say for example the Date fields in the App with the Date Fields in the Activity and the character fields of the App with the character fields in the Activity.

Illustration: Consider that you want to create an Event for a customer in the Customers App. You want to auto-populate a few fields in the Customers App to the fields in the Events while creating an Event for the same customer. The same can be done by a couple of following steps.

Steps to map and set your predefined values while creating Activities:

  1. Login to your Apptivo Account and click on the Customers App.
  2. Click on More Options (...) and then choose Settings.
    Choosing the Settings option
  3. Push on the General ➡ Collaboration, to get the Collaboration Activities list.
    Collaboration Activities Panel
  4. Select the Mapping option in the Calendar tab and set Privilege if required.
    Enabling Mapping Option
  5. Map and set the fields for predefined values as required and finally choose the Update option to update the mapping fields.
    Mapping and pre-defining the fields
  6. Watch for the “Conversions Mappings Updated” message.
    Mapping Updated for the pre-defined values
  7. Go to the Customers App and select a customer for whom you need to create an Event.
  8. Click on the Calendar Tab and then on “Create” to create an Event.
    Calendar tab selection
  9. You can find the fields Auto-populated in the Event creation panel.
    Auto-populated Result for mapping the fields