How do I convert an Order into Invoices in Apptivo?

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Orders App has a prominent feature that allows you to convert the orders to invoices to generate invoices for the same. These invoices can be sent through email or printed as PDF.

There are two types of conversions that can be followed through which an order is converted to an invoice:

  • Standard Conversion - The standard conversion is the default conversion provided by Apptivo. By default, this conversion only will take place when you convert an order to an invoice. This will carry forward and map only the values of the standard fields.
  • Custom Conversion - The custom conversion gives you the ability to customize how the conversion process should take place. That is if you are having various custom fields in your orders and you need all those custom fields to be carried forward to the invoices during conversion, then you can go with the custom mapping. You can map the fields according to your needs.

Let’s now walk through the steps for the custom conversion for converting an order to an invoice.

Steps to convert an Order to Invoice

  • Log in to your account and access the Orders App. Select the Settings icon from the App Header.
Orders App

  • In the Settings page, select Orders → Conversion from the left navigation panel.
  • By default, the Standard Conversion is selected.

  • Select the Custom Conversion option that displays the Mapping button next to the Invoice.
  • Click Mapping.
Custom Conversion

Note: You can convert the same order into an invoice multiple times by enabling the Allow Conversion Multiple Times toggle.

  • On clicking Mapping, you will be redirected to the Orders → Invoice Mapping Fields page.
  • To associate activities, you can enable the toggle for the corresponding activities.
  • The fields of the Invoice App will be displayed on the left side and those of the Orders App will be listed on the right side.
  • You can now select and map the fields as per your requirement, based on which the conversion will be carried out (Note: Ensure to map an attribute with a similar type of attribute, say a Text field with a Text field and Date with a Date field)
  • Once mapped, click on Update.

  • On clicking update, the changes are saved.
Changes Saved

  • Go to the overview page of the order and select Convert → To Invoice.
Order Overview

  • Now based on the mapping of the fields, when you convert an order to an invoice, the values will get populated accordingly.
Create Invoice

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