How do I Configure the From Address drop down when Sending Emails from Apptivo?

Updated on June 29, 2017 05:30AM by Admin

By default, the “From” drop down in the Compose Email page, will be auto-populated only with the logged in Email Id of the user. Now, this feature lets you add multiple email id’s to the “From” drop down, allowing you to select the required email id from the list.

There are two ways, using which the From Address drop down can be configured. They are:

For instance: Consider the scenario, where a Sales Manager (Katie Dustin) of the business “American Daydreams”, would like her employees to send emails to prospects from their sales email id ( In that case, she can follow the steps below.

Creating Teams

  1. Go to Teams App.
  2. Click on “Create” to create a new team.
    click on create
  3. In the creation page, enter the necessary details as shown:
    click on create team
  4. Once a team is created, click on “Add” present in the overview page.
    add employees
  5. Now, search and select the respective employees, using the checkboxes and click on “Add” button.
    adding employees
  6. The employees will now be added successfully.
  7. Now, those employees, added to the above created team, can view the email id in the “From” drop down as shown below:
    select email id