What is Global Search in Apptivo? How do I Use it?

Updated on July 8, 2020 06:09AM by Admin

This feature lets you search for an object record or an activity across all your apps in Apptivo. Using this, one can search for an object record in an easy and efficient way, minimizing the usual time taken.

Steps to perform Global Search

  • Choose the User Menu from the top right corner of your Apptivo Home Page. In the User Menu, select Preferences.
User Menu

  • The Preferences page will appear. Select Global Search from the left panel. The list of apps added to your account will be shown in the Selected Apps section of the Global Search page.
  • This is because when you perform a global search, the operation will be carried out across all your applications.

  • To skip the search in selective applications, select the particular apps in the Selected App section, and select the < icon.
  • The selected Apps are removed from the Global Search and are moved to the App Categories section.
App List

  • By selecting the applications and clicking the > icon, the selected apps will be moved to the Selected Apps list from the App Categories where the search is performed.
  • You can also add all the apps available in the App Categories to the Selected Apps list by selecting the >> icon.
Apps Moved

  • The changes are saved automatically. Now, perform a Global Search in your Apptivo account.
Global Search

  • The data will be searched only in the applications added in the Selected Apps list in the Global Search page of Preferences.
Search Results