How to create status in the Properties App?

Updated on August 27, 2021 05:35AM by Admin

Properties app allows you to create your own status under the By Status view. By default, you can view active property, archived property, rented and sold property under Property Statuses. You can edit properties statuses and you have the option to enable or disable the statuses.
For Instance, create For Sale status in the Properties app.

Steps to configure

  • Log in and access the Properties app from the universal navigation bar.
  • Select Settings from the App Header.
Properties app homepage

  • From the Settings page, click on the Properties → Statuses from the left navigation panel.
Settings page

  • Click on the Create button to create a new status.
Click on the Create Button

  • Create Property Status pop up appears, where you can fill in the required details.
  • Name : Name of the status.
  • Description : Description regarding the status which you want to create.
Create property status

  • Click on the Create button to create status.
Create Status

  • Now, you can view the created status. You can modify the created status using the Edit icon and can be enabled or disabled using the Enable icon.
Edit and Enable icons

  • On the Create Property page, you can view the created status For sale in the Status dropdown.
Create Property page

  • Now, from the Property app homepage, click on the By Status → For Sale to view the result in the right side dashboard.