How do I Embed a video URL in the Apptivo Email Templates?

Updated on September 10, 2020 05:09AM by Admin

Email communication is a widely used form of business interaction. These emails can be effectively sent using Email Templates. These Email Templates are pre-organized message formats that you can send to your contacts. You can design an email template, to make your email look more standardized rather than sending plain text. Just imagine, while launching Campaign Emails, what if instead of the usual regular email template text, if you could embed a video in your emails? Surely, that would be a more effective way to reach your contacts. Now, this feature, lets you embed a video URL in your email templates.

Steps to Embed a YouTube URL in Email Templates

  • Go to the Campaigns App. Create a new campaign or select an existing campaign.
  • Click on the “Template” tab.
Campaigns App

  • Now, click on the “Edit” icon present to edit the template.
Template Tab

  • The Palette tab will appear in the Template page. Here, the video attribute is available. Drag and drop the “Video” attribute to the template.
Add Video URL

  • Once the Video attribute is added, click on it to view the Inspector tab.
  • In the Inspector tab, you can browse and add the thumbnail for your video.
  • Add the URL of the video in the Video URL field. You can also customize the aspect ratio of the video.
Inspector Tab

  • Save the changes. Now, you have successfully embedded a video URL to your campaign.
Campaign Email