How do I customize Left Panel Views in the Insurance Tracker app?

Updated on January 5, 2021 05:41AM by Admin

With the Insurance Tracker app, you can effortlessly manage all your insurances in one application. This app offers a left navigation view that allows quick filtering of records. This can be customized from the Settings page of the app.

Steps to configure views

  • Go to the Insurance Tracker app from the app header bar.
  • Now, navigate to the More icon and select Settings from the app header. The View Builder comes into view.
  • Here, scroll down to the Left Panel Views section.

  • This section contains two tabs. They are:
    • Enabled Views - Displays all the active views.
    • All Views - Displays both active and inactive views.
  • In this panel, there is a default list of types that will be toggled ON by default. Namely,
    • Show All
    • By Insurance Expiry
    • By Tag
    • My Views
    • Shared Views
  • Disabling a particular view will move it from the Enabled Views tab to the All Views tab.
  • The List Layout column helps to select the preferred column set for a particular view.
  • Also, you can offer selective access to your employees with the Security Privileges dropdown.
All Views

  • The changes will be reflected in the left navigation panel of your Insurance Tracker home page.
Left Panel View

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