How can I give permission to users to access Trash in Recruitment App?

Updated on May 20, 2020 05:42AM by Admin

  • Go to the Recruitment App from your Apptivo Account. Select the Settings icon from the App header.

  • In the Settings page, go to Security → Actions from the left panel.

  • The Actions page will load on the web page. Scroll down to Trash. You can see the toggle is enabled.
  • To completely hide the trash icon, you can disable the toggle.
  • If you want only particular employees to have access to set it. You can set the Privileges. Only those employees who have the selected privilege can access the trash icon.
Privilege Dropdown

Note: The privilege for a particular object is selected in the App, but the access to that particular privilege for an employee is configured in the Employees App of Apptivo. Click here to know more about Roles and Privileges.

  • Here, a new privilege, Trash Access is configured as a Privilege. Likewise, Caroline Forbes has this privilege while Nadia James does not have this privilege.
Privilege Selected

  • When Caroline Forbes logs into her Recruitment App, she can view the Trash Icon in the App Header.
Access To Trash

  • Simultaneously, when Nadia James navigates to her Recruitment App, she cannot view the Trash Icon in the App Header as she does not have access.
Access Denied