How to perform Bulk Action in the Items App?

Updated on September 6, 2021 06:12AM by Admin

When the items are created, in certain situations we need to update or edit a particular field to the created items. It takes time to update each item individually. The “Bulk Action” feature allows you to update or edit more than one item simultaneously. For instance, update a Tags field Wood included with Furniture Items for the selected items. Let’s go through the steps to perform Bulk Action in the Items app.

Steps to configure

  • Log in and access the Items app from the universal navigation bar.
  • Click on Show All from the left navigation panel.
Show all
  • Select the items for which you want to perform the Bulk Action. Here, the Tags field is Wood for the selected items.
  • After selecting the items, the Bulk Action button gets activated. Now, click on the Update → Item Information → Tags.
Bulk Action
  • Select the checkbox of the tags to be updated.
  • Click on the Update button.
  • Now, on the Items page, you can view the Tags field updated.
Items page