How do I Authenticate RingCentral?

Updated on November 21, 2017 04:10AM by Admin

RingCentral is a cloud communication system, that integrates seamlessly with your current framework. Apptivo clients can now integrate their RingCentral records to place calls and synchronize them.

Steps to Authenticate RingCentral

  1. Log in to Apptivo and select the “Call Logs” tab.
    select call log
  2. Now go to Call Logs Settings and select RingCentral under Services from left navigation panel.
  3. Enable the RingCentral toggle, and click on "Add to RingCentral" icon.
    add to ringcentral
  4. You will be redirected to "RingCentral" login page. Provide with the RingCentral phone number and click on "Next" button.
    sign in ringcentral
  5. On clicking on "Next" icon, it asks for Extension and Password. Provide with the authorized credential and click on "Sign in" button. 
  6. You will be asking for the Access request. Click on "Authorize" button.
  7. Now the RingCentral app page gets displayed and their extensions are shown in the Extension column.
  8. Note: you can associate only the authenticated RingCentral number to the available extensions for the employees present in Apptivo.
  9. Once authenticated, open RingCentral app in the Mac OS System.
  10. Now login to the RingCentral with the appropriate credentials.
    login to ringcentral
  11. Once done, you will be able to  make calls from the RingCentral.
    calling from ringcentral
  12. From object’s view page( say Contact’s view page) on clicking call icon of a phone number, the call is made from RingCentral to the corresponding number.
    clicking call icon
  13. If you make calls from the RingCentral, Call Log gets recorded in the corresponding apps.
    call log recorded