How do I customize the Number Generation in the Expense Reports app?

Updated on April 8, 2022 08:32AM by Admin

Apptivo allows you to customize your expense report number based on your wish. You can specify the number manually or automatically while creating a new expense report. You can add a prefix to your required number. Let’s go through the steps to customize expense report numbers.

Steps to configure

  • Log in and access the Expense Reports app from the universal navigation bar.
  • Click on the More(...) icon and select Settings.
Expense-Report- Settings
  • From the Settings page, click on the Expense Reports → Number Generation from the left navigation panel.
  • Here, you can view Prefix and Starts with fields.
    • Prefix - Text to be added Starts with numbers.
    • Starts with - Starting number for the Expense Report.
  • For instance, create a new expense starting with the number ER.
  • Now, create a new Expense Report where the Expense # is generated automatically based on your configuration.
  • On the Expense Report overview page, you can view Expense Report # as ER12.
Expense-Report-ER Created
  • If you want to provide numbers manually, you can disable the Auto Generate toggle button.
Expense-Report-AG Tog Disabled