How do I increase the quantity of an item?

Updated on June 19, 2020 06:06AM by Admin

You can increase the quantity of an item by creating and issuing a receipt. A receipt is an acknowledgement to confirm that a specified item has been received. So after creating an item, if an receipt is issued then the item quantity will be increased.

Note: In order to track the quantity, you need to enable the "Track Inventory"

Steps to increase the item quantity

  • Create a new item or select an existing item from the Items App.
  • For Instance: Here a new item “Note Pads" is created.
Items App

  • Now create a receipt for this item in the Receiving App.
  • Select the item and enter the Item quantity in the "Now Receiving" field as shown in the image below.
Receiving App

  • Navigate to "Item Inventory App", you can able to view the item with its increased quantity.
Inventory Management