How do I create an event in my agenda?

Updated on December 23, 2020 11:24PM by Admin


Events are considered as a medium for establishing communication with customers and with employees. Apptivo offers Event Activity using which you can create, manage, and organize your events actively. You can also create an event from My Agenda.

Steps to create an Event

  • Log into your Apptivo account and you can see the My Agenda on the home page. Select Create Activity. You will see the dropdown to create either Event, Task, or Follow Up. Select Event.

  • You can see the Create Event side panel. In the side panel, you can add the required information.
Create Event

  • Title – Title of the event.
  • Location – Location of the event
  • Start date – Event start date
  • End date – Event end date
  • All-day event - You can make this event a recurring event i.e all day the same event will be carried over. By default, the all-day event will be in disabled mode. You can slide it to the green state ensuring that this event should repeat all day.
  • Billable - By default, the creating event will be in billable mode. You can slide the toggle button to a grayed-out state if needed.
  • Tags – You can add tags to the event.
  • Remind me – You can enable a reminder for the event using the “Add Reminder” hyperlink, this will remind you about the event.
  • Attendees – Click on the icon to add attendees including employees and contacts.
  • Associated with – Click on the icon to associate with any object. (Application).
  • Internal Notes – Provide internal notes for the event, if needed.
Associated With

  • Select Create. An event is created. The event is added to your calendar. Click on it to view the event.
View Event