How do I customize Left Panel Views in Call Logs?

Updated on December 31, 2020 05:08AM by Admin

Views are the filters that allow the users to view the details of the call logs in various formats when they want to analyze the call logs. Views can be configured and set as per your needs. The left panel view is available in both layouts.

    • Table view
    • List view

Steps to customize Left Panel Views

  • Log in to your account. On the home page, select Call Logs from the left navigation panel.
Home page

  • Here, you can view left menus like "Show All", "By Type" and "By Tags".
    • Show All - It displays all call logs created.
    • By Type - It filters the call logs based on the type. It may be "Incoming" or "Outgoing".
    • By Tags - It filters the call logs based on a specific tag.
Expanded View

  • For instance, on selecting Incoming in the By Type section, the incoming calls are listed.
  • This applies in both the Table view and List view.
List View