How do I set List View as the Default View of My Agenda?

Updated on May 1, 2020 10:15PM by Admin

My Agenda of Apptivo is a one-stop tracker that has information on the activities associated with your business. You can view your activities and the activities associated with your team. You can also customize the default view of your My Agenda.

Amy is an employee in the Finance Department. Every day, she logs into Apptivo and manages her plans. She wants to have an overview of the activities while going through the agenda page. So, she switches to List View to easily view the information relevant to the activities.

Steps to customize your Agenda

There are two default View format using which you can view your My Agenda.

    1. Calendar View
    2. List View

You can use one of the View formats to display the events, tasks, and follow-ups. Lets quickly go through the steps to customize the My Agenda View.

Steps to Customize Calendar View of My Agenda

  • Log in to your account and select the User Menu from the top right corner. In the User Menu, select Preferences.
User Menu

  • In the Preferences page, click on the Collaboration from the left panel in the General section. Here, select My Agenda in the Collaboration page.
Preferences Page

  • Expand the My Agenda section, to manage the different views available. You can view two options "Calendar view" and "List view".
Expand Agenda

  • Drag and drop the view to change the order. The view that is set at the top is considered as the default view.
Change View

  • Here, List View is set as the default view.
List View Changed

  • When you navigate to the Apptivo Home Page, My Agenda can be seen in the List View.
List View