What are the calendar notifications?

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News Feed

  • By default all news feeds will be in "Enable" mode.
  • All the events in calendar will be displayed.
  • Events scheduled, re- scheduled, modified or deleted will be shown in news feeds.
  • You can stop news feed by "Disable" the toggle.
  • You can give priority to the notification by enabling the required notification.

Email Feed

  • By default all email feeds will be in "Disable" mode.
  • You can subscribe to receive an email by "Enable" the toggle.
  • You can give importance to email notification that is currently required to alert you.
  • For Instance: if an event is deleted, you will receive an email.

Steps to configure News Feed and Email Feed

Home Page

  • Click on the “More” icon and select “Notifications” located at the app header bar.

  • You can view the notification dashboard with a set of notifications at the left navigation panel and their actual values such as Event name, News Feed, and Email Feeds are in the right navigation panel.
  • By default, all News Feeds will be in the "Enable" mode and all the Email Feeds will be in the "Disable" mode.

  • If you want to subscribe to email notifications, Toggle the button to "Green" which indicates "Enable" mode.
  • All your changes will be automatically saved.
  • In the below image, the Email Feed is enabled to receive email notifications when an event is deleted, modified, rescheduled, or scheduled.
Email Feed

  • Consider an event is updated in the Calendar Activity. There will be a News Feed.
News Feed

  • You will also receive an email notification to the registered email address.
Email Notification

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