How do I customize left panel views in answers app?

Updated on October 27, 2022 07:37AM by Admin

Answers App provides two ways to create questions and answers: You can create questions and answers from the Answers app. You can create questions and answers from the Answers website.

Steps to Customize Left Panel Views:

  • Log in and access the Answers App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on the More(...) icon and select Settings from the app header bar.
Answers - Settings
  • On the Settings page, go to Customize App → Views from the left navigation panel.
Answers - Views
  • You can view the All Views and Enabled Views tab.
  • In the Enabled views, you can view all the enabled views.
  • In the All Views tab, you can view all views inclusive of disabled views.
Answers - All Views

Note: You can perform actions on “Views” like:

  • Display - Enable / Disable the views which are located at the left navigation panel.
  • List Layout - Select the list layout to access your preferred sections.
  • Security Privilege - Specify the level of access to the Views.
Answers - Display LL View
  • By default, all the menu types will be in the enabled state. Now, slide the Toggle OFF for the “By Queue”.
  • The changes made will be updated successfully.
Answers - View Disabled
  • Go to Answers Home to view the enabled menus on the left navigation panel.
  • You cannot view the By Queue view on the left panel view due to the hide.
Answers - No View Final SS