Where do I find deleted opportunities?

Updated on June 3, 2021 07:11AM by Admin

Opportunities App allows you to easily keep a track of sales opportunities and organize your efforts to close deals. The opportunity phase is the second phase of the sales stage, being converted from a lead, and can be converted to an order once a deal is closed.

To view the deleted opportunity records, you need to go to the Trash dashboard. Here you can view the deleted records. There are two options

  • Deleted - The records can be deleted forever or restored.
  • Archived - The records which are associated with other apps that are deleted forever will be moved from the deleted tab to the archive.

Steps to view deleted opportunity records

  • Log in and access the Opportunities app from your universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on the “More(...)” icon and select “Trash” located at the app header bar.

  • In the trash dashboard, you can view the Restore and Delete Forever tabs:


  • Initially, deleted opportunities will be found in this “Deleted” tab. From here, you can “Restore” and “Delete forever” an opportunity.


  • If the Opportunity in association with other apps is deleted forever, those opportunities will get moved to the Archived folder.
  • By enabling the opportunities from the Archived folder, you can retrieve those opportunities.

Note: You cannot delete forever an opportunity from the archived tab until you change the sales stage from “Closed Won”.

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