How do I view my follow ups in list view?

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The list view allows you to examine follow-ups that are automatically sorted by the follow up status like today’s follow-ups, overdue follow-ups, recently completed follow-ups and upcoming follow-ups. Click on "List View" icon at the top of the screen, to view in the list format.

Steps to view in list view

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on your account name.
    account name
  3. Click on "Preferences" from the drop down.
  4. Click on "Collaboration" from left navigation panel.
  5. Click on "Follow Ups"  for more options.
  6. You can view two view options "Calendar view" and "List view".
  7. Click on toggle button of "List view" option to Enable or Disable.
  8. If you disable the list view option then you cannot view the "List view" icon in "Follow Ups".

    Follow Ups in List View

  • Click on “My Follow Ups” from left navigation panel
  • You can view all your scheduled follow ups in "List View" as shown in below image.
  • If you are a free user, a popup will emerge and you need to upgrade your plan to subscribe this feature.

Other Options available in the List View

  • Reschedule: You can reschedule the follow up.
    follow ups
  • Click the re-schedule option, then schedule follow up pop up appears, and you can reset the date and the description of the follow-up.
    follow ups
  • Complete: This link allows you to complete the follow up.
  • At once you’ve clicked the complete link you will be asked to provide the “Completion Note” with the label (Enter the label separated by comma).
    follow ups
  • Expand: You can view the details of follow up. And also you can see "Add note", "Mark as complete" and "Close" tabs inside the expanded page of follow up.
    follow ups
  • Add note: You can add notes for the created follow up.
    follow ups
  • Close: You can close the "Expanded" page of follow up.

"My Follow Ups" schedules will list all the follow-up related to OpportunitiesLeadsCustomers and Contacts App

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