How do I view customers by territory?

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As sales personnel looking after a specific territory, you need to know how many customers belong to your territory, their preferences, and so on. With Apptivo’s Customers App, you can easily filter out the profile of customers based on their territories.

Sky is the Manager of EDT Customer Services. They reach out to different customers on medical equipment. However, the preference of customers varies based on geographical location. To have the Employees to pick out the right customers based on their territories, Sky uses the By Territory view of Apptivo.

First, you need to configure “Views” in Customer settings in order to enable By Territory in Customers App home page.

Steps to View Customers by Territory

  • Log in and access Customers App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on By Territory dropdown from the left navigation panel.
Show All Page

  • Select a territory from the dropdown list. For instance: West Coast. You can see the list of customers belonging to the West coast.
By Territory

  • Click on the More Details icon to overview customer information.
  • To perform an action in more than one customer profile, select the checkbox of the customers where changes have to be made.
MultiSelect Records

  • From the Bulk Actions dropdown menu, you can update, remove values, email, export, and delete multiple customers at a time.
Bulk Actions

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