How do I Customize Data Level Access in Cases App?

Updated on July 7, 2020 02:24AM by Admin

While managing the Cases app you should be careful in assigning the access level. In order to improvise the security level, Apptivo has come up with the Access level feature to allow you to decide on the people to whom you wish to give access to the data. You can also add exceptions to the access level by simply adding on the names to whom of people to whom you don’t wish to allow access.

Steps to customize the access level

  • Click on the Settings → Security → Access Level. This will display the Cases Access Level. You can customize your data access permission here.

  • Set the criteria for who can access the Cases App.
  • By default, the configuration is set for all. Everyone who has access to the Cases App can view and edit all the cases.

Instance: When the access is given to Employees

  • If the View access is given as Employees, then the record can be viewed only by the Employee to whom the Case is assigned.
  • If the Edit access is given as Employees, then the record can be edited only by the Employee to whom the Case is assigned.
Employee Access

  • Consider the Access Level is set as Employees for both View and Edit. Now, a case is assigned to an Employee, Caroline Forbes.
Employee Assigned

  • Now, when another employee, Nadia James who doesn’t have access to that record tries to view it. She would not have access as the Case is assigned to another Employee.
No Access

  • In both cases, the Managers of the Employee can also View and Edit the records.

Instance: When Exceptions are added

  • Apart from specific employees, you can provide access to other users by enabling the Exception toggle. [May be your Sales Manager or General Manager]

  • After enabling, you can add other users by clicking on the "+" icon. It can be either employees or teams.
Add Employee

  • For Instance: Nadia James is added under Exceptions. When she tries navigates to the Cases App, she will have access to view all the records. Along with this, she can also edit the records. Below, the Case is assigned to Peyton Daniel, but Nadia James has access to edit it.
Exception Output