How do I Complete my Event?

Updated on May 29, 2020 03:18AM by Admin

You can mark an event as complete in all the layouts available in the Calendar activity.

Steps to complete the Event

  • Log in to your account. Click on the Calendar from the left navigation panel.
Home Page

Calendar View

  • In the Calendar view, click an event to view or mark it as completed.
Calendar Event

  • Select the tick icon to mark an event as completed.
Select an Event

  • You will be notified once an event is marked as complete.
Event Completed

List View

  • In the “List” view, click on the Tick icon against the task you would like to complete.
List View

  • On selecting the tick icon, the task will be marked as complete.
Event marked Complete

Table View

  • In the Table view, click the More Details icon of the event which you would like to mark as complete.
Table View

  • You will be redirected to the Overview page of the event. Click on the “Mark as complete” button.
Overview Page

  • The event will be marked as complete.
Event Marked Complete

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