How do I Add Leads in Distributors?

Updated on April 2, 2020 04:49AM by Admin

Distributors App from Apptivo allows you to add the Leads lists depending on the location of the distributors handling areas. With that, you can add the existing lists to the specific region or you can add the new leads to the existing distributors.

Let's consider, addling the list s of leads for the particular distributor selected.

Steps to Create Leads

  • Login and access the Distributors App from the Universal Menu.
  • Select the distributor from the List. Click on the More Details.
More Details
  • Click on the 360° tab from the Distributor Overview Page.
Overview Page
  • From the 360° view dropdown, select the Leads App.
360 Dropdown
  • Click on the Create Button.
  • Create Leads side panel will get open. Fill the Mandatory fields to create Lead.
Create Leads
  • Then, click on the Create button at the bottom right corner.
Create Button
  • Leads will get created and you can view the created Lead in the list.
Leads List