How to rename an attribute in Master Layout in Apptivo?

Updated on January 28, 2020 01:45AM by Admin

Maintaining data on Customers, Contacts, and Leads becomes simplified with the CRM Apps of Apptivo. CRM Apps have a dedicated page where you can customize the layouts. This includes creating a custom attribute name.

For Instance: Let us consider renaming an attribute in the Leads App.

  • Go to the Settings in the Leads App → Customize AppMaster Layout.
Master Layout

  • In the Master Layout, you can see the custom attributes in the Palette tab. You can drag and drop an attribute to drop attribute here section to add it to the Master Layout.

Different Attributes in the Leads App

  • Text - You can use this attribute to add the text field to the Master Layout.
  • Date - Adding date to the records becomes easier with this attribute.
  • Number - Generate numbers to your records with Number attribute.
  • Currency - Currency attribute enables you to add Currency values.
  • Radio - Opting a particular value from a number of values becomes simpler with Radio feature.
  • To Words - To Words allows you to convert numbers to words.
  • Toggle - Toggle enables you to answer true or false for a particular attribute value. It is a modern way of yes/no option.
  • Dropdown - Add dropdown to your layout with this feature.
  • Multi-Select - Select a number of options from a list with Multi-select feature.
  • Link - Adds website addresses or any other link to your Master Layout.
  • Textarea - This attribute adds custom text area to the Layout.
  • Address - You can add an address with this attribute.
  • File- Use this attribute to browse files and attach it to your records.
  • Spacer - Add space to your Master Layout with this attribute.
  • Function - Mathematical calculations are done with this attribute.
  • Ref App Field - Fetch data from a reference app using this attribute
  • Ref App - Use this feature to link your record with a reference app.
  • Phone - Add additional phone numbers to your record with this attribute.
  • Email - Add additional emails to your record with this attribute.
  • Account - You can link accounts to your Lead record with this.
  • Counter - You can add pre-defined counter values so that the numbers are auto-increased.

Creating a Custom Attribute

For instance: Let us consider creating a custom attribute for the date.

Drag and drop the date attribute to the Master Layout in the Leads App.

Attribute selection
  • Once the attribute is added, click on the attribute to see the Inspector tab. Here, change the name according to your requirements and save it.
Inspector tab

  • This will create a custom attribute name when a record is created in the Leads App.

Name Changed