How do I Create a Credit Note?

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Credit note is a document (memo) provided by a business to its customers. It can be provided to the customers through credit purchase, over payment and Product return.

Steps to Create a Credit note

  1. Log in and access Credit Notes App from Universal Navigation menu bar.
  2. Click on “Create” button to create a new credit note.
  3. Provide the following information:
Credit Note information
  • Note # - This is an auto generated (or) manually entered number to identify credit note.
  • Credit Note Type - Type of the credit note.
  • Credit Amount - Credit amount.
  • Credit Date - Credit date. 
  • Customer - Name of the customer.
  • Source Type - Type of the source either invoice or sales receipt.
  • Select existing payment (If source type selected, it applies)
  • Payment date - Date of payment 
  • Payment type - Type of payment.
  • Payment reference - Reference of payment.
  • Currency - Currency by which credit note is created 
Payment source information
  • Existing payment - Source of existing payment.
  • Payment reference - Reference of source payment. 
  • Payment date - Date of source payment.
  • Payment type - Type of payment source
    create credit note
After providing all details, click on Create button to create a new credit note.

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