How do I create message templates in the Opportunities app?

Updated on December 16, 2020 03:23AM by Admin

The Email Templates of the Opportunities app enables businesses to have pre-defined templates while sending emails or adding notes to opportunities.

Steps to create email templates

  • Log into your Apptivo account and go to the Opportunities app. Select Settings from the App Header. Go to Email → Email Templates from the left navigation panel of the Settings page.
Opportunities app

  • On selecting create, the Create Email Template page appears.
  • Fill in the required details:
    • Template - Name of the Email template.
    • Subject - Subject of the Email template.
    • Message - Content of Email template.
    • Insert Attributes - This feature lets you insert the default attributes.
    • Available for Compose Email - Sliding the toggle ON will make this template listed when composing emails.
    • Available for Notes - Sliding the toggle ON will make this template listed when creating notes.
    • Attachments - This option lets you add files to the template.
Create Email Template

  • On selecting create, a new template is created.
Template Created

  • This template can be used while composing emails.

  • You can also use this template while adding notes. This applies only when the toggle is enabled.