How do I Search for a Question?

Updated on November 1, 2022 12:50AM by Admin

Two different types of searches are available. simple search, where you could simply use the question phrase to search. With Apptivo's advanced search tool, you may conduct searches based on the values in certain fields. Additionally, it can run many field-based searches at once.

Simple search:

  • The simple search allows you to search using a single search field located in the header bar.
Answers - Simple Search
  • You could provide one search string as input and search across fields including:
Answers - Simple Search Result

Advanced Search:

You can search by applying the necessary values for all the values present in the answer by using Advanced Search.

  • In the Answers app, select the Advanced Search icon from the top right corner.
Answers - Advanced Search Icon
  • The Advanced Search side panel comes into view. Here, you have to select the fields to perform the search. Provide any of the following fields:
    • Question Text - Question to be searched.
    • Item - Items associated with the question.
    • Question Type - It includes unanswered, answered, Flagged, and Featured.
    • Tags - Tags associated with the question.
    • Date Asked from - Question asked on a date.
    • Date Answered - Question answered to date.
    • Assigned To - Employee assigned to the question.
    • Created by - To search with employees who posted the question.
  • Here, I would like to check all the questions created by “Sarah Castro” as shown below.
Answers - Advanced Search Icon
  • The results will be shown below:
Answers - Adv S Final SS