How do I create a question in answers app?

Updated on February 25, 2020 05:12AM by Admin

Answers App in Apptivo is a well-customized interaction tool that serves as a platform for communication between Customers and Organizations. Questions can be raised in the Answers App and also from the website.

Questions from the Answers App

  • To create a question from the Answers App, select Create from the left panel.

  • You will be redirected to Create Question page. Here, you can add the question text.
Create Question

  • Along with this, you can configure a number of functionalities.

Question Information

Feature this Question: You can use the toggle to decide whether to list out the question as featured or not.

Feature this Question

Items: This feature can be used to group questions based on different Items.

  • You can select the Expand (+) icon to view the Items available.
Search Items

  • You can select more than one Item for association in a question.
Multiple Items

Communities: You can make use of the Community functionality to associate the question with the teams in your Organization.

  • You can select the Expand (+) icon to view the Teams available.

  • You can select more than one Item for association in a question.
Multiple Communities

Tags: You can also add Tags to your question. You can either select an existing tag or create a new tag.


Search Engine Optimization

In the Search Engine Optimization section, you can optimize your question page to appear in the search engines.

 Search Engine Optimization.

Meta Description: This refers to the description of your question while appearing in the Search Engines.

Meta Title: This is the title that appears in your Search Engines.

Meta Keywords Separated by Comma: Search Engines look for keywords while displaying the results. You can use the Meta Keywords section to add keywords for your question page.

Questions from the Website

Apart from creating questions from the Answers App, you can also create questions from the Website.

  • Navigate to the website. Here, scroll down to Support → Knowledge Base.

  • You will be redirected to the Knowledge Base page. Here, select the Answers section.
Knowledge Base

  • In the Answers page, click on submit a question from the left panel.
Answers Page

  • Add the question and select Submit to have the question added to the website.