How do I view Promotions by Type?

Updated on September 3, 2020 07:52AM by Admin

Promotion is an activity concerned with the intention of increasing sales or market capability for a product/item by a company. It generally, targets the potential buyers and makes them purchase it.

Steps to View Promotions by Type

  • Log in and access the Promotions App from your universal navigation menu bar. Click on “By Type” from the left navigation panel.

  • Now, select any of the above types and view the promotions.
  • You can also update promotion details by clicking on the “Edit” icon if needed.

Promotion By type


  • It lists all the promotions regardless of their type. Every promotion created would be listed here in this tab.
By Type

Fixed Amount of Discount

  • This shows the promotions which are created with a fixed amount of discount. It lists all the promotion types created with a fixed amount of discounts.
Fixed Amount of Discount

Discount Percentage

  • Promotions created with discount percentages are listed here. The discount percentage includes a certain percentage cut off from the whole purchase amount.
Discount Perentage

Discount on Shipping

  • Promotions created with a discount on shipping are listed here. A certain percentage of the shipping amount is given as a discount. For example, 50% off on shipping or free shipping.
Discount on Shipping


  • Promotions created with credits are listed under this column. Credits are provided to the customer for future purchases.