How can I Enter Time for Multiple Projects in a Single Timesheet?

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Logging Hours for Multiple Projects

While creating the new timesheet, you can select a customer and enter the time for all the projects associated with that customer in the same timesheet. Projects included in the timesheet may have a different project manager.

When a timesheet is created with multiple projects, it is automatically sent to the employee's manager for approval.

Steps to Customize Timesheet for Multiple Projects

  • Log in and access the Timesheets App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on the "More(...)" icon and select the "Settings" icon located in the app header bar.
  • Click on “Create Flow” under "Timesheets" from the left navigation panel.
  • Enable “Create timesheet from the project”.
  • Choose the “Multi Projects” option to create a timesheet with multiple projects.
  • The changes made will be auto-saved.
Create Flow

Steps to Create Timesheet with Multiple Projects

  • Click on the “Create” button from the left navigation panel.
  • Select the “From Project” option.
From Project
  • Fill in the following information:
  • Customer – Name of existing or newly created customer.
  • Approver – Name of the approver of the timesheet. Here “Employee Manager” will be pre-populated, who is the approver of the timesheet with multiple projects.
  • Period – Duration of the task.
  • Project – Start typing in the field, it will auto-populate the existing project.
  • Task – Name of the task of the selected project.

Note: You can only view the projects that are created for the selected customers while searching for projects.

Add Task


  • Click on the Add (+) icon to add another project.
  • Click on “Create” to save the timesheet as a draft.
  • Click on “Create & Submit” to submit this timesheet for approval.
Multiple Projects
  • The Project will get submitted for approval.
  • If the employee does not have a manager assigned to them, then the timesheet will be approved automatically, once submitted.

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