How do I Customize the Business Settings?

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There are many different things that can be customized to the needs of your business. This customization brings you the effective appearance of your business account with a lot of features including sync services with Google. Now we shall step ahead to customize the business settings.

Steps to Customize Business Settings

  • Log in to your account and select Business Settings from the User Menu located at the top right corner of the window.
Home Page

  • In the Business Settings page, the below-listed sections are displayed in the left panel.
    • General
    • Security
    • App Store
    • Integrations
    • Services



Business Information

This section enables you to configure the business name, branding name, business location, currency, and time zone.

  • Business logo - You can customize to change your business logo.
  • Business Name - You can change the business name.
  • Time zone - To set the standard time for your business.

The contact information encoded may be of address, phone numbers, and the fax.

Customize Home

Here, users can select the views of their business apps that will be displayed in the Universal Navigation panel. This setting will be set as default to all your users. You can also change the header color of your home dashboard.

Global Search

You can choose the applications in which the search has to be carried out while performing a complete search across Apptivo.


Collaboration allows you to set up the activities listed in the left panel view of your home page dashboard. You can “Enable/Disable” objects from the home page.

Auto Copy Email

Auto Copy Email allows you to automatically receive a copy of the sent emails. Whenever you need the backup of sent emails, you can enable the “Auto Copy Email” option wherein your email id(email address used for login) will be added in the “cc” field while composing a new email. This feature applies to both homepages and in the Emails tab of other applications.


Choosing to use the multi-currency option will allow you to send sales invoices or receive bills and payments in currencies other than your own base currency(the default currency already in place for your organization).

Installable Demos

This demo will provide you the sample customers and sample projects. Once you install this demo, you cannot remove the installed data. To install the demo, click the “Install Demo” button.


You can set your Apptivo Partner Name here. Once you set, then the partner history table shows the list of partners. To set the Partner name, click the “Change” button directed to the Partner name.

  • Choose and select the names listed in the popup.
  • If you want to become a partner, then click the “Become Partner” button.

G Suite Integration

It allows you to integrate with Google. You can make use of one or all if you’d like.

Calendar Sync: It will sync all your appointments and call log with the Google Calendar.

Tasks sync: It will sync your tasks with Google tasks. Click here to get more about Sharing the tasks in Google.

G Suite Domain

From this section, you can configure your G Suite Domain in Apptivo.

API Access

The API Access is the HTTP based programming interface that allows the developers to interact with the platform to extend and enhance the functionality with Business site Plugins (with WordPress). The API key is a type of user id. You cannot change the API Access key.

Delete Account

Delete account feature allows you to delete your account permanently.

Single Sign On

Sign into Apptivo securely with a single login. This saves your organization time and money while significantly increasing the security of your data in the cloud.

Session Timeout

Session timeout represents the event occurring when a user does not perform any action on an account. You can set a time duration for the session time out.

Email Deliverability

This option enables and confirms the ownership of your sending domains.



Collaboration Security

Collaboration security helps you to configure the activities to be displayed to the users. For collaborations you have two options:

  • Show Collaboration objects assigned to Signed In employees and their Subordinates.
  • Show all collaboration objects to everyone.

Select any of the above to display the collaboration objects.

General Security

General Security helps you to enable/disable or provide restricted access to general features available in Apptivo.

Password Security

From here, you can allow password reset or force reset of password after certain days for your users.

App Store

App Store


The General option allows you to enable or disable the App Store. In addition, you can also provide controlled access to selective employees.

App Categories

From this section, you can determine whether to display the categories in the App Store.



From this section, you can configure the OneLogin integration.



Google Map

Google Map option allows you to integrate your Google Maps account with an Apptivo account.