How can I Edit a Task from Home dashboard?

Updated on August 7, 2020 05:53AM by Admin

The task is a specific itemized work or a single initiative within specific objects. After creating tasks, you’ll commonly need to make changes and updates as the work is completed. So you can edit and update tasks belongs to different objects on the home dashboard itself. Also, you can customize Tasks settings to fit as per your needs.

Steps to Edit a Task

  • Log into your Apptivo account and navigate to the Tasks activity. In the Tasks activity, select More Details of the task to redirect to the task page.
Home Page

  • In the Overview page of the task, hover over the field that has to be edited. A pencil icon will appear.
Task Page

  • Click on it to view the edit page.
Edit Field

  • Make the necessary changes and save the task. The task will be updated.
Updated Task

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