How many free users are allowed to use Contacts Sharing?

Updated on September 14, 2017 08:24AM by Admin

Apptivo Contacts sharing app allows you to share the contacts with other G Suite users in your domain. Create once and sync with all users. 

As per our current roll out, Apptivo contacts sharing app is free to share only with a limited number of users. The limit is set to ten free users.  That is you can share contacts with ten users for free, if you feel the need to share contacts with more users, then you consider purchasing Apptivo's licensed version and also upgrade your account.

If you try to share with more than ten (10) users a popup message will appear with a warning message.

Will it affect existing Apptivo contact sharing users?

The good news is that, this new update will not affect existing users registered before December 31st 2012.  How It will be applicable to the new users who registered from January 1st 2013.