How do I Resubmit the Timesheet?

Updated on February 9, 2023 03:59AM by Admin

Resubmit the Rejected Timesheet

  • If a timesheet is Created and Submitted, it will need the approval of the concerned manager.
  • If the approval manager rejects it, then the employee needs to modify and Resubmit the timesheet for getting approval.
  • Click on the Resubmit button to share the timesheet again for approval.
Timesheet - Resubmit
  • A pop-up appears asking for the submission of Timesheets to the Approver.
  • Here, you can define the Email ID by using the Select One dropdown. You can select the contact’s mail ID or manually add any approver’s email address.
Timesheets - select approver
  • Here, I have selected “Enter Email Address” and provided the mail ID manually. Click Submit.
Timesheets - Submit
  • The timesheet will be resubmitted for approval.
Timesheets - Resubmitted

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