Does Apptivo requires a G Suite Account to Start?

Updated on April 6, 2018 09:19AM by Admin

There are two main questions I'd like to answer here:

1. Is a G Suite account required to use Apptivo?

No, you can access Apptivo using any Google ID, including gmail. But, if you want to use Apptivo's other Google Integration, it will require a G Suite account. A G Suite account is required for: contacts sharing, calendar integration, hr signature sync, and our Google Docs integration.

2. Do I need to transfer my domain to Google for G Suite?

No, you do not need to transfer ownership of the domain. If you have less than 10 users total, G Suite is completely free, and you are only required to add DNS records to your existing domain registrar. This is a pretty quick process that has no costs involved.

Hopefully I've covered everything! 

Thanks.  This helps.  

GSUITE is no longer free for less than 10 users.