How do we Add New Employees/Users?

Updated on May 8, 2020 05:27AM by Admin

If you're a G Suite user, please follow these instructions on adding a new employee.

Note: Only employees/users with access privilege of HRMS Manager, can add another employee/user to the business account. If you created the account then you already have this privilege. To provide this access see here.

  • Log in and access Employees App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click the Create button to create a new employee.
Employees App

  • Add the information related to the employee. If you want the employee to have login access in Apptivo, enable the “Enable App Access” toggle.
Create Employees

  • To assign Roles to the employee, select Add in Security Roles.
Roles Added

  • Click on the Create button to complete creating a new employee.
  • The employees who have login access will receive an automated email with user name and password as shown in the image below:

    1. User name - Email address of your employee.
    2. Password - Auto-generated unique password. Your employee can change the password once he/she attempts to log in for the first time.

What happens when I reach my license count?

  • You can view the plan upgrade pop up if your account has exceeded the licenses as shown in the image below:
Plan Needed

  • Select the plan and click on the Upgrade button.
Plan Payment

  • In the Plan and Payment method, add the number of users for whom the access is needed. Also, add your card details.
  • Moving forward, you can add employees according to the purchased licenses.