How do I Create Territories in Customers App?

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You can define a territory as the demarcation of the sales force structure. The customer accounts are grouped and shared with the sales team of an organization based on various factors such as geography, product line, revenue, and so on.

As your business grows, it may have a pan-national presence and also a global presence. That means you will have multiple office divisions, departments, and products/services customized as per region. Here, there should be proper planning before assigning customer accounts to the sales teams.

Grayson Industries have expanded their branch to the East Coast of America. Now, they have customers from the east coast well. It is important to group customers according to their territories. So, they create territories in the Customers App of Apptivo and add territories to the customers.

Territory Management

Based on a specific set of criteria, the customer records can be grouped and handed over to a certain sales team that takes care of a certain region. This is known as territory management. It also makes sharing of the customer data across the various sales team possible. This is known as territory management.

Customers App allows you to assign territories for each of your customers. To modify the available territories to assign to your Customers, use the steps given below:

To Add New Territories

  • Log in and access Customers App from your universal navigation menu bar. Click on the More icon and select "Settings" located at the app header bar.

  • Click on the Territories from the left navigation panel. The Territories page will appear in the right pane. Select Create to create a new territory.

  • In the Create Territory page, add information related to the territory.
Create Territories

  • Here, you can also add the parent territory for the new territory. Then, this territory will become a sub-territory of the parent territory.
  • You can also select an assignment rule for the territory.
  • Click on the Create button to complete.
Territory Created

  • Create a new customer in the Customers App. There is a provision to add territory in the Create Customer Page.
Create Customers Page

  • Click on the (+) icon to view the Territory: Search and Select popup. Here, you can select the Territory.
Territories: Search and Select

  • The selected territory is added to the create customer page.
Territory Added

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