How do I add sub-project?

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Projects App from Apptivo helps you to manage all the project’s goals and the objectives. It will allow you to create subprojects inside the main projects. Creating the Subprojects helps you to divide the work of the main Projects and assign them to the different teams. So that the project might fall into the set of sub-projects and each can be performed by the subset of the overall team.

Steps to Create

  • Login and access the Projects App from the Universal Menu.
  • Select the Project from the list and click on the More Options.
Projects App
  • In the Project Overview page, scroll down to view the Sub Project section.
Projects Overview
  • Click on the Create Sub Project and select the Create New Project.
Create sub Project
  • By selecting the Create New Project, you can view the create project side panel.
  • In the Create Projects panel, add the name of the Project.
Mandatory Fileds
  • Select and add the start date and end date of the project.
  • Select and search the Customers from the list.
Start Date
  • After adding the mandatory fields, click on the Create button.
Create Button
  • Your Sub Project will get Created.
  • Once the Sub Project is created, you can view the created project under the Sub Projects list.
Sub Project Created

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